A little bit about me:

The smile that I wear on my face while shooting your wedding or portrait session reflects the passion I have for photography. It is with this enthusiasm that I capture your memory through the lens.

Through my experiences, I believe photography is an art that can be passed down to our children. It serves to tell future generations the story of past events or a moment in time. My zeal for photography was bestowed to me by my father who spent countless hours behind the camera and shot endless rolls of film. After his untimely death, the photos became a priceless tale of the history and the beauty of our family. With this experience I truly understand the reason why one of the first (material) items people choose to save from a burning house, is the family photos. Because of this, I realize their true value. This is what I bring to a wedding or a portrait session.

During a wedding I capture creative and traditional poses, but I also look to capture the beauty, emotions, expressions, and spontaneous moments as they unfold. Wedding shoots are accompanied by an assistant photographer, Evangelina Avila.

You will find that I work hard to make you and your guests feel comfortable with the camera. It is with this effort that I will encapsulate a more natural feel to your photos. However, it is the candid moments that are close to my heart. Nothing tells the story in more detail than the candid shots.

I envision my work speaking to the future, this is why I pride myself in helping you capture a moment that will last a lifetime.


Life is a poem. Document it. Photograph it.